Projects Photos

We have recently completed some major projects, like

1-HVAC SYSTEM –Patriot Maintenance Workshop/Hafer Al Baten

2- prince sultan guest palace in  Artawea

3-prince sultan guest palace in  RasMeshaab

3-HVAC around the kingdom for Al-Mawared Food Co. Pizza Hut @ Meed

4-Saudi Ceramics Exhaust Ducting in Riyadh

5- AL Salti Est. HVAC Around the Kingdome

6-BAKHEET CO. For Machinery LTD HVACs for all most car show rooms in Riyadh

7-stainless steel and ductting work for 50 frouits resturants and Wahaat al Roman and Beait al Farouge Resturants in Riyadh

8-supply duct for students resedants in yanbu collage with AC-NET

9-Al Romaizan Comirecal and offices Building with Al Burjain EST

10-Al Ahlam Hotel with Al Burjain EST

11-Ministry of defence dining hall in ARTAWYAH with MAPCO

12-Marine Palms Resturants in ALKHARJ 

13- Duct fabrication for NODY EST

14- Duct fabrication for AWAMERKOM EST

15-Duct fabrication for Bin Solim Group

a lot of duct work for several villas and offices inside and outside Riyadh.